The Eery Ballad of Princess

So here is the story,
not so much old;
There was a kingdom,
torn and cold.
And lived there a princess,
whole in gold,
Until… her castle,
was eerily sold!


-Aah! What a piece of jewel,
she was,
The like is only a petal,
of rose!


The merry- merry of
this song.
-Was lost in time not so long!!!


An evil witch just,
pulled a screw,
And… the kingdom,
changed its hue.


Then came a prince,
dressed in blue,
Recruiting soldiers,
for his crew.


He found the princess,
sad and grim
And vowed to support her,
through thick and thin.


He found the witch,
and did subdue…
Oh- no! But witch did fall…
upon his crew…
And the aftermath blast,
all them slew…


The prince swore
on that behalf

Witch’s dragon came and…

cut him half!


And once again
the royal rose
Is standing in tower,
in the very, old, pose!


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