The Thing

So, I’ve faced dilemmas in the past…
Historically- my decisions never last…
Thanks to my rationale- I’m sane,
But all at cost of heartache and pain…
I seek, I find, I experience and I share,
Unsought happens to me, but it’s rare…

Emerald’s rare, thence we value it high,
Awing Toto with a castle through sky…
The Tin Man- safeguarding his heart,
Dropped from a cloud will shatter apart…
And all that’s needed for that is a Monkey
With her wings lift him off- that spunky…

But what if the rationale fails and Tin Man,
Turns into an echoing panic tin can?
And rolls through the realm for three days,
To regain his insanity, searching for ways?
And daunting fear to lose what’s not lost…
Scares every night at a good sleep’s cost?

And pacing rationale gets tossed in the air,
Trying to commit to solution of this affair?
Helpless is tin can against one who can fly,
His brain had its his shot, he gave it a try…
Like never before The Tin Man’s afraid,
About something that’s yet to be made.

(Leaving that realm- jumping back to reality,
Decision, if any- will cost one his sanity,
When one realises whom one’s to compete-
Not Toto, but Goofus- who makes her complete.)

Thence with no solution, no clarity- just hope
At Emerald door the Tin Man decided to stop.

Afraid for no mercy, but with will to commit,
To terms of the Winged Monkey willing to submit.
He knocks at the deep green gate and to his awe,
Fear, lamentations and bad things- no more raw
As he sees The Wizard folding her wings & tail
Now, she’s staring at a heart in the can…
what’s the tale?


The Tension of Reminiscence…

“At tensed note, you me do hear…
The lines I stroke are feebly real
But life is surely- sure, my dear!

We bravely cry, her heart’s- a heal,
All other times we choose to fear!
We do decide what we do feel!”

The Road

” I saw a courtyard, cavalier,
A flimsy household, burnt despair…
Still tinsy flames, a shaky pier,
Still enter it the brave one dare…

I wised en route, a decrepit man,
“Worth of life perceive no youth can…”

The Market

Not clay, but stone- fat man’s abode,
All passers- by, their mouth’s broad
A blacken shadow strikes a cheek
“There be a duel! “- crowd’s a meek

“Enough! “- at passers’ stall I snap my bread,
With agony, my eyes shall not be fed”

The Wasteland

Miragy, shaky dot, at far horizon
It shivers closer, is that a bison?
Dead and bony, stumping, crossed liaison…
A cross and pike, stuck, chest, war’s son…

“I kill the wish to end it’s pain
I kill the fire and sleep in vain…”

The Bonfire

A stilted, silent, devil’s whore
But she can’t see her kids no more…
A lusty flamelet leaving first sore…
From shrieking crowd- “Torture her, more!”

“”Mumma- Mumma!” Eyes wet, them follow
I turn and stand, heart dipped in sorrow…”

The Woods

The darkest thicket, a daunting stare, stinge some foul…
An eerie swamp, a cryptic flare, a glaciating howl…
All, but none around the pyre, all, but one- hides in the cowl…
“Who is that?”- one dares to ask. “Solitude”- is heard a scowl.

“There, behind “seclusion”, hides a fading man…
Despondency is what it turned into, on that long a span”

The House

An early morning, drapes alfight, birds all tweet…
At portico, beauty for sight, glissades a damsel sweet…
“Where’s your corset, you lousy wench!”- is all the heat,
A High estate, a rich demesne, yet filth off street…

“All this society, all those trends- a despot o’er heads…
Trailing those, loosing friends, knit we all dystopian threads!”

The School

A flock of kids, in field they play, mirth a bunch!
Around something they are gay, natures gift?- a hunch?
Closer, laughter, there’s a deafish boy, gets a kick, a punch…
His name is Ludwig, and he shan’t leave a crunch!

“All have stories, paths, habitude to greatness…
Some suffer, some don’t, yet all reach in lateness!”

The Lake

He ran his eyes- stars seem to hover,
“Life’s been concise”, he does uncover
“I’m now in joy, I’m still tired of lies,
Reality’s-Troy! green bellied fireflies…”

“The man’s just right in his built illusion,
Blind us the truths, sight, with confusion.”

The Pub

“I fill the bowl, then tap the dottle…
Meanwhile others- down the bottle…”
He opens stashed up, tobacco leaves…
“Minds’ out resort, senses take heaves…”

“I’d puff for grayish soul and ring for misty mind,
All kinds love a kind, that’s the truth of the mankind”

***This piece is unfinished, so keep updated, periodically)

The Eery Ballad of Princess

So here is the story,
not so much old;
There was a kingdom,
torn and cold.
And lived there a princess,
whole in gold,
Until… her castle,
was eerily sold!


-Aah! What a piece of jewel,
she was,
The like is only a petal,
of rose!


The merry- merry of
this song.
-Was lost in time not so long!!!


An evil witch just,
pulled a screw,
And… the kingdom,
changed its hue.


Then came a prince,
dressed in blue,
Recruiting soldiers,
for his crew.


He found the princess,
sad and grim
And vowed to support her,
through thick and thin.


He found the witch,
and did subdue…
Oh- no! But witch did fall…
upon his crew…
And the aftermath blast,
all them slew…


The prince swore
on that behalf

Witch’s dragon came and…

cut him half!


And once again
the royal rose
Is standing in tower,
in the very, old, pose!