The Wizard

Some people ask:- “What’s it’ you say?”
Parry them I:- “With words I play…

Bedazzled, stand they, gazing broad

I point at them, while they applaud”
“What ’bout ‘s all the fuss?”, a voice.

“Oh crowd, I’m left with no choice…

How dare forget my name, you dude

This act of yours is utter rude!
For you’ve not asked from me the same

Involved the crowd to my shame!

It’s time to show you wizardry

You turn ‘nto toad by my decree!”
With that he gestured ‘nto air thin

A toad turned man sat aback then lean

With watery eyes, glanced at the crowd,

While wizard stood all great and proud.
The crowd spoke:- “With words you play…”

A scared pause added:- “…was what did you say”

“Afraid?”, exclaimed the spellweaving man

“It was just humour, that’s all a plan!”
Our wordmeister swung his hands.

In a whiff he changed the magic trends.

The toad leaped up and in no time,

Hugged him, shameless, covered in slime.
Wordplaying man was set aback,

Slime flying about with each whack

He did renounce all the claims:-

“I’m not the one who binds in chains!”
“What, what?”- crowd got all confused

To speak any further he refused.

Toadman spoke:- “All of you we do address,

Don’t worry, we did not digress to your distress
He’s an actor- I’m the man, his magic’s fine

And this darn script ‘s of my design!

I guess you all were played damn well,

You read till here and that is swell!”


Like fish in the sea

The awestruck fish was stuck in a tree
Thumbing it was, trembling, to get free…

Life twirled and turned it like a darn hurricane

Only to leave in hardship and vain…
Fishy fidgeted a few tiny leaps ahead

Then it realised that it just fell from bed…

But how felt the dream, you can’t fathom, just see…

The man turned- fish felt like one fish in the sea…

Perks of Adulting

Oh dear, beautiful, jovial Child!
Please, do not grow up!
Do not get happy, when freckles show up…
Refrain from the yearning to do Adult things,
For they will chop down, cruelly- thy wings!

Oh dear, beautiful, jovial Child!
Happy, you are, on your own!
If you will Adult, you’ll be happy, as shown…
You fall unto thorns, take them out, forget,
But Adult once, in thy soul thorns will set!

Oh dear, beautiful, jovial Child!
You, only you are the one who can love!
Once you mature, empty feelings they’ll shove
And you’ll be sitting in empty a room
With Emptiness by thy side, facing thy doom!

Oh dear, beautiful, jovial Child!
Don’t hide in the closet, don’t hide under bed!
Perpetual fear is on what Adult is fed…
There is no way out, for Adult is a ghoul…
Thy only safe house is in depth of thy soul!

Oh dear, beautiful, jovial Child!
I beg you, don’t die, however they try!
Get stronger, get childish, wipe your cheeks dry,
Be stupidly brave, face this heinous cult
Please, don’t let me Adult!
Please, don’t let me Adult!

(Yes, you’re right I just used word Adult as a verb, noun and adjective)


Где ногами по мячу- футбол…
Где руками по мячу- воллейбол…
Где летает высоко- гандбол…
Где дубинкой по мячу- бейсбол…
Где по морде дают- Американский футбол…
Прыг- скок резиновый мяч- баскетбол…
И где попадает любой “бол”
В ворота, в кольцо, за линию- “гол”!

(Было написано в детстве, не обращайте внимания на факты)

Два “Друга”

Жёлтый, толстый Апельсин,
Рыжый малый- Мандарин,
Двое маленьких друзей,
Не могут выжить без сластей.
Как- то раз поесть пошли,
Пастилу в столе нашли.
Поделиться не захотели,
Оглядеться не успели,
Как на них напрыгнул кот,
Хап! И сразу прямо в рот!