Flickering moments

Do you know how tough is it sometimes to evade those eyes?
Ghosts in the crowd of souls- when we become as cold as ice?
In a flooded with light ground, when all is left is a shadow patch
And our souls bled victims to an untimely mismatch
Leaving us funneled down our paths, flowing through that breeze
As blood tries to while hitting the whitened walls en course…

Do you know how strange is breeze when we flow by
Through thick, with our eyes deliberate, so high,
Yet so familiar… Reminding of the past, not so passed away
Voices are in close vicinity, yet nothing’s there to say
There’s something, some aura in the void space between us,
Yet both of us kept on floating away as we freeze…


Love Nature

An elegant curve of the path

With shades all around…

A pair of Arabesque hills

As they turn into the plotted math

Of scattered ponds on the ground…

And a few of memorable stills

Turning it’s whole beige core into wrath

Of multilateral picture- green all abound…

And ending at a pair of strings of matrix nils

Exploding into a flowy, shrill- shivery brown path

And stars exploding all around…

With all trees behind rising up like hills.

Contemplating about the hidden treasure


Remember the first time you were scared, but not really…

Sometime around that time, your infancy left.

Remember the last time it all felt so easy, but not really…

Someone made sure your castle of childhood was built.

Remember the first time you lost, but not really…

Somewhere in that decision, you befriended your teens.

Remember the last time you risked it all, but not really…

Someday, thus somehow, we all matured.

Perks of Adulting

Oh dear, beautiful, jovial Child!
Please, do not grow up!
Do not get happy, when freckles show up…
Refrain from the yearning to do Adult things,
For they will chop down, cruelly- thy wings!

Oh dear, beautiful, jovial Child!
Happy, you are, on your own!
If you will Adult, you’ll be happy, as shown…
You fall unto thorns, take them out, forget,
But Adult once, in thy soul thorns will set!

Oh dear, beautiful, jovial Child!
You, only you are the one who can love!
Once you mature, empty feelings they’ll shove
And you’ll be sitting in empty a room
With Emptiness by thy side, facing thy doom!

Oh dear, beautiful, jovial Child!
Don’t hide in the closet, don’t hide under bed!
Perpetual fear is on what Adult is fed…
There is no way out, for Adult is a ghoul…
Thy only safe house is in depth of thy soul!

Oh dear, beautiful, jovial Child!
I beg you, don’t die, however they try!
Get stronger, get childish, wipe your cheeks dry,
Be stupidly brave, face this heinous cult
Please, don’t let me Adult!
Please, don’t let me Adult!

(Yes, you’re right I just used word Adult as a verb, noun and adjective)