Romancing the Jewel

There’s one belief- one can’t deny
That angels fly, high in the sky.

And people say, they’re humans, just with wings,

I’d say- just birds, those worldly things.

But one can’t fool, when world’s aware

And try such thing- one wouldn’t dare.

We sit on bench, I contemplate

This ginormous emerald’s fate.

The cold, fresh air that thou inhale,

Comes from the green on city’s pale.

Thou’ll have to sit here- judge it’s size

I wish, I could lend thee my eyes

For either way thou’ll dissolve in bliss

But it gets better if thou don’t miss

How brook trails down into the lake

Canopy’s spearheads tremble and shake

Amongst the chaos of greenish shades

Hiding the sky, those leafy blades

And butterflies- burst, fly, explode

Trail deeper, cease tracing the road!

Enough of resting- we’ll return

Let this sea thy feelings churn

And like mood, let’s trek up hills

Along, collecting angel’s quills

They float on breeze, brushing thy lips

As thou take rest on rocky tips

And gaze at former spanning the sun

The green waves underneath will stun

Thee the more thou look, the more thou feel

Thine empty heart it’ll beg not, steal

And keep it in the dark abyss

Of one deep lake- thou cannot miss

As thou’ve sat on that one bench

Right before I gave thee a wrench

And made thee walk through green so strong

It flushed away all that feels wrong.

In Rains- umbrella-cap mushrooms,

Empty vast spaces, empty rooms,

And what not else that thou might see

Whilst over the edge of well gaze we

I bet, thou’ll remember that jolly place

Where bunnies jump around and race,

And mother goose with gooselings round

Away from monkey, walks around

And pups, those pups in paw and prance,

Play with thee well in awkward dance

And all those fishes in a wishing pit

Swim around, whilst their nurturers sit.

Arachnids, colourful insects and dragons,

Antelope trails- trekking bandwagons,

Lush green breath of city-odd freshness

Hitting like nature’s creative madness!

Climb up the tower, horizon scan,

And hills and lakes then see you can,

And suddenly right straight ahead

Angels descend- rightly said

Thence through the woods, a trail to follow

Rushing thee under that tree and a few hollow

Just right before they flutter and wail

And forget a feather from their tail.

And all those adventures blood thy pump

For thou have to crawl, climb and jump

To make through all of the miniscule joys

And get to the show for Big boys:

World’s cut in half by pink sunset,

Crickety aura then in gets set.

And wall of darkness sets on place

And lost thou art as if in space,

But look a sparkly matrix blooms up ahead,

It rains to sky through trees from bed

And when one dot towards you flies,

A myriad of fireflies- you realise!

We sit in silence, absorb the vibe

There’s no need for me to describe

Mellow senses, mellow mood, mellow us all in one

As long as we have Sanjay Van…


Like fish in the sea

The awestruck fish was stuck in a tree
Thumbing it was, trembling, to get free…

Life twirled and turned it like a darn hurricane

Only to leave in hardship and vain…
Fishy fidgeted a few tiny leaps ahead

Then it realised that it just fell from bed…

But how felt the dream, you can’t fathom, just see…

The man turned- fish felt like one fish in the sea…

What if…

What if at the end of the line, if we say no to “Is there anything that you want for what you’ll be willing to go through the hell all over again?” and therein lies our salvation?

What if in process described lies the sole purpose, the educational aim of meditation?

The neighbours’ greed

turnt conquistador…

The conquistador’s wrath

against one’s valour…

The rebel’s sloth

of neighbour’s neighbour…

The early murder

was in labour…

The glutonny of the free

turnt sinners into hoarders…

The feudal lust

grew up those country borders…

The current pride

lies in the strength of orders…

What if…

What if he asks & you say- “Yes, more?”

& therein lies punishment?

What if…

3000 Days for you

So here you are, sitting, staring at the screen, waiting for something new or interesting to spring out at you from this essay, article, philosophy- call this whatever you like…
I’ll call it my legacy, a teaching to all of you…
Let’s kill the grandeur of this introduction and confess, that none of all this is brand new…
But realization of the same is revolutionary…

The secret of a day:
How much do an activity of sleeping take up time in your day?
6 hours?- maybe 10? Or maybe even more?
How long does it take for you to finish off all your daily activities of eating, grooming, transportation?
Lets say, for a common man all the above- 12 hours? Maybe even more?
We work, we study, wo are doers– all of us, different as we are, of certain age- nobody sits idle… I can say, and with a strong base that we do for 8 hours… Some people, even more
Well, we all know that much of mathematics, thank god to 21st Century and the educational bill being passed in all constitutions, that we already spent more than 2/3rds of the day?
You feel tired reading upto here, so what you probably going to do?- Take your eyes off, look at the ads, change the tab, watch the dumb box, the cellphone or maybe some other useless activity, that you prefer to do, without even knowing, why do you do it?
Even if I’ll gift you 1/3rd of the day, part of which you already lost in all the previously described activities, you’ll be doing all the things I just mentioned you do when you get bored and nothing else…
Hobbies, very few people do have them, and those who do, actually fail to pursue them…
You feed your 1/3rd of the day to useless activities…
The above sentence, is a negative and attacking statement, judging you, your habits, your day…
But let me rephrase it, my deqr reader, all you’ve got is 1/3rd of the day and oh, how you want to use it for yourself…
Now, let’s tone things down and move on to the next part…

The fascination of the year:
Close your eyes, and try to remember a face, I bet first of the faces which you can so easily remember will be that of your mother or father…
Let’s go absolutely patriarchal on topic (no offense to feminists, I am one) and say- bread at your house comes from your father…
Look at him, all energetic and fierce and ready to work, because he has an aim for existence- family’s welfare…
Look, how he sweats all his efforts to keep you up and going…
Let’s try to get into his shoes and see it through his eyes…
‘I wake up in the morning, get ready as fast as I can have almost no breakfast and barely make it on time to the work… I try my best, competition in the atmosphere hints on smothering me all the time, crush me, my colleagues and even the work, at times, but, sometimes I, sometimes we all break our backs sweat and stain our shirts, but push all of it through… 8 hours, all done… not less than a gym workout, ah, don’t remind me, have to do that pretty soon… Long journey, I’m home hon… Atmosphere, here, now, home- ah, miss you all, love you all, try to spend some time in the evening, but alas, I’m tired, they’re tired, I’ll watch the idiot box and kick my shoes off…”
Weekends- he takes us all out and tries his best to spend time with us…
But, the big picture, the work- he works for 2/3rds of the year, all the left time, it’s family time- Saturdays, Sundays, a week long vacation, and a health leave converted into family time…
Of course, family comes first for him- that’s his aim, his hobby, his quality time, but again, it’s 1/3rd of the year…
Let me check my scientific calculator- well with all those days, roughly, hmm, it’s slightly above a century of days per year…
Oh, what magic is 1/3?
Leave all the magic behind, move on…

The Quintessence of Life:
Now, present, reality- all are the same to the roots…
Dusk of dinosaurs?- no, too slow, too clean, too big…
We live in the 21st century and how a modern will phrase it- quite amount of six figure age salary has the Earth earned since the dawn of the great reptiles…
Look around, you live in a dirty city, everything is deadly fast- even you, all things are small and getting even smaller… A Century old man?- How many of those you’ve possibly seen?
Average all of us out… we’ll be remembered for like what?- 60-70 years? Then dust will cover our tombstones, if we are lucky to have one…
Say we live 30000 days…
I’m just stepping into adulthood, so I’ll continue from my limited perception from now on, but I hope your adult “wiseness” will help you to extrapolate things further and understand what I’m saying…
I’m almost twenty, so around 7000 days are gone
I’m a student, so let’s say I’ll have this mark upto 10000 days maybe less…
The question- myth- ” What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?”
I should say, our evenings are the longest… Why?- They start when we are 50, but with all this- ‘fast’ ‘small’ and ‘not so clean’ believe me we all step into our three legged existence at the start of 40ies…
Oh, the energy… Adulthood- the period of maximal human efficiency… We get only about 20 years, or let’s even say more- 9000 days of full mental, productive, physical, emotional and sexual efficiency…
The later years prove to slowly flat line the above, eventually flat lining you…
Well, so?
We get 9000 days of fully efficient adult life, right?
I bet you forgot something…
Ah, yeah- the magic ratio- the 1/3!!!
So, my supercomputer suggests that we get, like, around 3000 days for ourselves?
How sad is that, all the laziness, all the idiot box watching, it all just splits the magic ratio to even smaller pieces?
The clock is ticking… And by the time you read this, few seconds from your 3000 days got substracted…
Catch them, hunt them down, capture them, don’t let them go useless…
As I said, I won’t tell nothing new, but the realization itself, of this fact is so important, that I believe, from now on, you’ll make every second count!

Want to get more days?
Stay fit- it will give you more days.
Live by the day.
Stay happy- it makes it worth it.
Don’t let depression crawl into the next day.
Trust humanity and live for it.
Do not be living. Believing is must.
If you work, choose your work to be something, you don’t consider to be work.
Do not do anything planned.
Now, be a rebel and extrapolate all the rest of advises on your own, because if not you, then believe me, I do know that you got what meant…
Just remember, all you have is 3000 days- that’s my gift to you…

(I invite all the criticism, queries, suggestions, guidance and will entertain them, just do comment- it’s my first blog- essay)

“Be always- a book”

The written proof of man’s existence…
With all thoughts, emotions, milestones
With all it’s friendly, stubborn persistence
Sits on the shelf and slightly moans…

Happy, a book, pours knowledge, a tonne
When gazed through the lines, by somebody’s eyes…
Then back to the shelf, to be taken by someone
Be always- a friend, not fluttering lies…

“You read through the shelves, they never give up!
You pass through the lines, as friends they’re up!”